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May 9, 2009

For the:
Halifax Computer Club
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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HFX Forum Bingo entrance HARC's registration table HCC banner
The Halifax Forum is where HARC hosted this years Down East Flea Market. You entered at the "Bingo" entrance. This is the registration table where you would pay to get in. This is the HCC banner, which was light by Club Chair Richard Bonner.
HCC table Ian Fleming and Richard McNair Ian Fleming
This is a photo of HCC table shortly after it was all set up and ready for the fleamarket. In this photo are Club Vice Chair, Ian Fleming, playing his Nintendo Game Boy while Club Treasurer, Richard McNair, talking to a fleamarket attendee. Club Vice Chair, Ian Fleming, looks after the HCC booth all alone.
Richard Bonner and Ian Fleming HCC's table after take down.  
Club Chair, Richard Bonner and Club Vice Chair, Ian Fleming, take a lunch break and talk computers. This is a photo of the HCC's table after everything was taken down.  

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