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NOVEMBER 15, 2008

For the:
Halifax Computer Club
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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(Image: DAL Computer Science building) (Image: Main doors of DAL  FCS) (Image: HCC banner)
This is an outside photo of the Dalhousie Computer Science Building. This is a close up of the main enterance to the Dal Computer Science building. Here is a photo of the club's banner which was lit by club chair, Richard Bonner..
(Image: Richard and Dave) (Image: Ian Fleming) (Image: Jack talking)
Club member, Dave Mason, forward, works on his computer, while Club Chair, Richard Bonner, rear, has some fun for the photo. Club Vice Chair, Ian Fleming, works on his laptop. Club member, Jack, talks to a gentleman about OpenSolaris.
(Image: Richard holding a CPU case) (Image: Club members talking) (Image: Thayne and Dave talking
Club Chair, Richard Bonner, holds his computer case which he hopes to have Linux installed on some day. This is a photo from the third floor looking down on three club members and an InstallFest talking. The members are, from left to right,: Dave Mason, Thayne MacLean and Richard Bonner. Club members, Thayne MacLean and Dave Mason, stand around talking computers and the power of Linux.
(Image: Long room photo) (Image: InstallFest attendants) (Image: An Apple Computer sign with a floppy drive behind
This is a photo of the entire room which held the Dal-ACM InstallFest. The Club's table is just visible at the far end of the photo. This is a photo of two InstallFest attendants talking Linux. This is a photo of an Apple sign with a large floppy disk drive in the cabinet behind. Perhaps Apple is thinking of coming out with a new floppy drive.

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