(Image: Club Logo) HCC

APRIL 10, 2010

For the:
Halifax Computer Club
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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(Image: HCC banner) (Image: HCC table)
This is an photo of the HCC Banner light by Atlantic Illumination. Here is a photo of the Club's table at the event.
(Image: Ben preparing for his talk) (Image: A overhead shot of the event)
In this photo, nSLUG member Ben Armstrong is just about to start his talk on "Debian GNU/Linux on your Eee PC". This is a over head photo of the event taken from the first floor.
(Image: A Club member works on a computer) (Image: Computer guys solving a problem) (Image: HCC members talking)
In this photo, a Club member, Michael Gillie, works on a LinuxFest attendant's computer, while Club Chair, Richard Bonner, looks on. This is a photo of Club member, Jack, trying to solve an issue with nSLUG member, Ben, while HCC Club member, Thayne MacLean, watches. In this photo are pictured from left to right, Club Vice Chair, Ian Fleming, Club Chair, Richard Bonner, who are talking with nSlug member Adam Hartling.

Many thanks go out to HCC Club Vice-Chair Ian Fleming and nSLUG member Adam Hartling for taking the photos.

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