(Image: Club Logo) HCC

SEPTEMBER 19, 2009

For the:
Halifax Computer Club
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Keshen Goodman Library Software Freedom Day sign & balloon The HCC table
This is a front view of the Keshan Goodman Library in Clayton Park. This is a photo of the sign with balloons that was outside the room. This is a photo of the Club's table after the setup was complete.
SFD attendants Richard & Richard talking
In this photo HCC Club member Jack talks to a couple members of nSLUG. This is a photo of Richard talking to Richard. (From left to right: Club Treasure, Richard McNair, Club Chair, Richard Bonner)
Andy Cormwall setting up Computer monitor Batch cook book
This is a photo of Club member Andy Cornwall setting up his presentation for Software Freedom Day. This is a photo of the monitor that Club member Jack brought in for his demonstration at Software Freedom Day. Near the end of the day, Club Chair, Richard Bonner, found a book for his DOS collection.

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