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Halifax Computer Club
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

January 7, 2007
HAPCC Ananual Swap Meet

April 22, 2007
We held a table at the Linux Installfest hosted by the
Dal-ACM at the Dalhousie Computer Science Building.
Here are the photos of the event.

May 12, 2007
We would like to thank the Halifax Amateur Radio Club (HARC),
who hosted the 24th Annual Downeast Flea Market at the Halifax Forum Multipurpose Room,
and for allowing a club member, Andy Cornwall, to have a table for his computer wares.
Next year we hope to get more members out to better promote the club. Thank you Andy.

November 28, 2007
We held our first ever Christmas Social. It was well received by
the club members present. I would like to thank all those who brought
something to share. Here are the photos of the event.

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