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January 3, 2006
(Swap Meet)

January 31, 2006
General Discussion.
Nostalgia, and the price of things in the 1980's. Bill has an old adding machine he has been intending to
test for some time. He will bring it along. Perhaps we can make something of 'The way things were'

February 28, 2006
Bill Marchant will conduct a demonstration of downloading and installing of OpenOffice.org. Followed by setting up
OpenOffice.org Writer, with discussion of its advantages, suitability, compatibility and cost factors for use by home
or home/office users.

Any member who wants a copy of the Windows installable versions could bring a blank CD.

Also, members who wish to install OOo on their own laptops, could bring the machines to
the meeting, where we can have an install party.

March 28, 2006

April 25, 2006
Tony will demonstrate his connection to wireless internet via his 486 laptop running MS-DOS 6.22 and
the DOS web browser Arachne (no Windows involved) and it is fast and Tony claims it is quite a sight to see.
From laptop start to Google in 15 seconds.

I will continue my series on Open Office. This month I will demonstrate Mail Merge, and printing labels and envelopes.

May 23, 2006
Bill will discuss Dates and Times in Spreadsheets, and some other aspects of Open Office,
as the time and inclination takes the group. Please Note:

The June/27/06 Meeting will be the Last Meeting till September/06. Have a Great Summer!!!!!

June 27, 2006
General Discussion Bill and Andy.
Cable to convert to USB
More Goodies Re 'Open Office' as per Your Questions.
As always Whatever comes up!!!!!

Summer break

September 26, 2006
General Discussion among the group.
Possibly...... 'Summer Computer Activities'
and or a New Linux Distribution.

October 25, 2006
General Discussion and Whatever is of Interest to the Group.

November 28, 2006
Chris Judge from the CNIB will demonstrate
how a blind person uses a computer. He will bring his
laptop, as well as a scanner.

Also If the WiFi link is working in our meeting place,
he will also demonstrate e-mail.

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