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Here is how to use a photo in the 3D Flying Objects screen saver:

1. Locate the photo you wish to use for this screen saver, then load it into a graphics program, and save it as a BMP file.(BMP is the only file type that the 3D Flying Objects screen saver will allow you to select.)

2. Right-click on the desktop, select "Properties", select the Screen Saver tab, and select "3D Flying Objects from the Screen Saver drop down list.

3. Click the Settings button and select Textured File from the Style drop-down box.

4. Click the Texture button and use the Choose Texture File dialog box to locate and select your BMP photo.

5. Take the Resolution and Size sliders to their Maximum settings and click on OK to close the 3D Flying Objects Setting dialog box.

6. Click on the Preview button to test your new screen saver. Once you are happy with the results, click OK to enable it.

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