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Central Processing Unit:
Abbreviated as "CPU", it is the primary computer chip that carries out data manipulation and controls the sequence of operations performed by the computer.

Color Graphics Adapter. A low resolution color video format. Originally, it referred to the actual circuit card that enabled the computer to process and display colors on a CGA-capable monitor. The maximum number of colours on this system was 16.

A single letter, number, symbol, punctuation mark or space.

An integrated circuit etched onto a silicon wafer. Each chip contains logic elements that perform specific tasks or calculations.

Circuit Board:
A flat panel with computer chips and support electronic devices mounted on to it. Thnis may refer to the mother (main) board and also to boards that are added to computers for adding new functions.

Common Business Oriented Language. Pronouced "coh-boll". It is a computer programming language that was released in 1964 that was typically used for business applications.

Cold Boot:
A system start-up initiated by turning on the power switch. All circuit boards and peripherals are reset.

A file extension denoting a command file. Command files are one type that can execute computer code.
Communications Program. A software program used with a modem to send and receive data over the telephone lines, or a wired or wireless network.

Context-Sensitive Help:
This allows the user to obtain information that relates directly to the task at hand or its available options. As an example, for programs that offer this type of help, one typically presses F1 or clicks `Help' within a given screen to get assistence on that screen or for a selected menu item.

This refers usually to a hardware device that serves as a control interface between two or more other hardware devices such as disc drives. Some controllers will accomodate more than one similar device, while others will accomodate dissimilar devices.

Copy Protection:
A software program that includes a requirement to run it from its original disk to prevent copies of that disc from being used.

Cathode Ray Tube. This is the style of image display device seen inside most monitors. It is now being supplanted by LCD and other styles of flat panel displays.

Current Directory:
Your present location on the drive.

The position indicator on a monitor. Usually a line, rectangle, or a square, or a pointer or `I'. It shows where the next character typed will appear on the computer screen, or the next item that will be executed if clicked with a mouse.

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