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Wait State:
A null processing cycle in which nothing occurs so that slower devices and RAM can catch up with the CPU.

Warm Boot:
A computer's restart procedure that referrs to reseting the computer without turning off the power. Unlike a cold boot, which does everything a warm boot does plus resets hardware devices such as internal modems, a warm boot only flushes memory, resets drivers, and reloads the operating system.

Characters such as the `?' (question mark) and `*' (asterisk) which stand for any other character or characters thta my stand in their places.

A proprietary graphical operating system from Microsoft. Originally, developed from DOS, it allows multitasking in multiple windows controlled through a system of menus.

A computer that runs applications and serves as an access point within a Local Area Network (LAN).

(Wissy-wig) What You See Is What You Get An acronym for programs designating that what you see on the screen is what the final result will look like.

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