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To bring back a deleted item. Also an Undelete program. Originally devised as part of utility packages such as Norton and PC Tools, it is now standard with all operating systems.

This allows users to go back one or more steps to return to the state a document or other work was in before an operation was carried out.

Uninterruptable Power Supply:
(UPS) This is a battery standby power supply that will allow a user to save work and shut down a system should the main power fail.

(You-Nicks) A command-line operating system developed by AT&T in the early 1970s. Linux was developed from it.

To transfer data to a serveror portable computer device.

User Interface:
All the features of a program or system that govern the manner by which people interact with it.

A program that improves the operability of a computer system or provides additional features.

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