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A program not yet released, but one that has had major marketing pushed on to the public even though the developers do not know if the problems can be overcome.

A named area in memory that holds a value that could change from user to user or operation to operation. An example would be a log-in name and password.

Video Graphics Array:
(VGA) The minimum standard by which computer monitors are graded. It supports a resolution of 640 X 480 pixels at 256 simultaneous colours.

Virtual Machine:
The simulation of another computer on one's system. If done right, the virtual machine will act as if one is using a real version of the simulated system. DOXBOX is an example of a virtual DOS machine that can be run under Windows.

Virtual Memory:
The usage of the hard drive as if it were RAM. This is much slower than actual electronic memory because of the time required to write and read to/from the disc.

A set of computer instructions that infect a working system, generally with the idea to perfom something malevolent. Viruses can destroy hardware, software, and data. They can be programmed to steal information, or to use a system to send out spam to other systems.

The susceptibility of computer memory to lose its data when power is removed.

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