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The Television-like display of a computer usually termed today as the monitor.

A program used to help prevent monitor burn-in. Burn-in occurs if the same image is left too long on a computer monitor. After a designated time period, the screesaver places random images on the screen, or moves one or more images around, which prevents stationary-image burn-in. Some screensavers also blank the screen to black.

Small Systems Computer Interface. A type of controller used with various hardware devices such as SCSI hard drives.

To transmit data one bit at a time, as opposed to parallel which transmits all bits in a byte simultaneously.

A set of instructions that directs the computer to perform some function. Also known as a program.

Source Code:
A set of instructions written as people read & write. This is then compiled or interpreted by a program to perform various actions.

A word coined from the luncheon meat, it refers to unsolicited advertisements.

A program generally used to store numerical information in rows and/or columns for mathematical computations. Some use spreadsheets to organise text data, as well.

Storage Sevice:
Any peripheral that stores information, such as a disk, tape, CD-ROM, flash drive, etc. for for future retrieval.

A directory within a directory. Subdirectories typically are used to hold related files of a given subject.

A list of commands or options that opens up after selecting a top-level menu item. It in turn will contain more menu items.

The grammar method of a computer - essentually its language.

System Prompt:
An indicator on the screen of a command line operating system or in a command-line window of a graphic operating system. It usually is shown as a flashing cursor preceeded by a drive letter and other characters. This indicator tells the user the system is ready to accept input. The best known command-line systems are DOS and Unix.

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