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A layout of data in a spreadsheet, database or html (webpage) document. This data is usually in a block form.

The transmission of information, whether by voice or other, over telephone, microwave or satellite systems.

A commercial wide-area network with thousands of local dial-up numbers. Today, it is most often accesed via an Internet servive provider (ISP).

A standard layout that is never changed so that it may be used as a base for customisation by the user. The customised document is saved under a different name so that the template may be used over and over to create more documents.

(Tare-ah-bite). One billion bytes, or 1,000 megabytes.

A input/output setup consisting of a monitor and keyboard through which a user may access a computer or other similar system. Note that input could also be done via pointer device or voice.

Text Editor:
A word-processor that enables the user to create and manipulate plain text on a screen. Not to be confused with word processors that deal with data in a non-text format, and with control and higher-order characters.

The precursor of the mouse, it is an input device that moves a pointer around the monitor screen by rotating a ball directly with the hand.

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